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Start getting 20x returns from email marketing Learn how to build lists fast, what to send that works, and how to make your email marketing data-driven.

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  • Optimize your email list growth to grow your revenue from email.
  • Improve your email content to grow your return on email investment.
  • Turn your email program into data-driven marketing machine that drives results.
  • Avoid errors that email marketers often (still) make.

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Modulo 1 : 1. Email Marketing Basics: The Good, the Bad & the WOW!

Learn how to build lists fast, what to send that works, and how to make your email marketing data-driven.

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Modulo 2 : 2. How to Optimize Your Email Marketing List Growth

In the users’ inbox, they’re the boss. You have to earn your way in through offering value and asking permission. That doesn’t mean you have to do it slow-and-steady, though. Jessica will share with you the best ways — free and paid — to grow your email subscriber list.

Topics covered:

  • Warnings about the WRONG way to build your list, including what the law allows
  • 4 keys to grow your list faster organically (meaning without cash investment), using the content and channels you’re already managing now
  • How to grow faster by adding (or shifting) budget to email list growth

Modulo 3 : 3. Optimizing Email Marketing Copy & Design

Sure you know a few best practices, but if you’ve been doing email marketing for any amount of time, you know there are… let’s call them “quirks” to designing and writing for email. In this course, you’ll hear 12+ years of trade secrets, plus trends in email design and copy in today’s inboxes that you might wanna try.

Topics covered:

  • Navigating accessibility in email design for a great experience on all (most) devices for all (most) users
  • How to incorporate rich media into your email design (but not lose your hard-won accessibility)
  • Dynamic images and 2 more trends to test with your own campaigns

Modulo 4 : 4. Using Data to Drive Email Marketing Relevance and Results

The real powerhouse of email is its ability to be customized to every single subscriber, prospect and customer on your list. In this class, Jess shares how to be setup for data-driven email success, and what types of data help move the needle. Plus, she’ll show you how to use your data to prove what campaigns are working.

Topics covered:

  • Speaking “1-to-1” to your subscribers using variable data
  • 3 automated email campaigns you should be doing
  • Tracking what is moving the needle in your email marketing campaigns

Modulo 5 : 5. Final exam

Pass this exam in order to earn your certificate of achievement. You need a 90% or higher to pass.

Email marketing

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